Wild Camping Guidelines

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At World of Wild Camping we believe that the right to wild camp in a responsible, non-intrusive, and environmentally friendly manner is an inalienable human right and should be enshrined in worldwide legislation ;-) Meanwhile back in the real world legislation varies from in tolerance from country to country ( and sometimes even town to town ). However we would strongly encourage all our site visitors to abide by the following code of conduct, wherever they overnight.

1> Remove all your rubbish ( and anybody else's by preference ).
2> Do not disturb wildlife, plantlife, local inhabitants, or other campers.
3> Do not overstay your welcome.
4> Bury and cover any "deposits" you make.

The complexity and lack of clarity of relevant legislation means that it is impossible for us to reliably indicate whether free camping at any particular spot is legal or otherwise.


Dave, World of Wild Camping