What is Wild Camping ?

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After much debate with site visitors I've concluded that the definition of wild camping both controversial and probably unimportant. I chose the term for this website because it seemed the most general of the variety of possibilities. My personal opinion is that it represents passing a night or two in a vehicle or tent in unregulated and free-from-charge locations, which are often rural and beautiful. I usually travel in a Land Rover or a smallish motorhome, but my intention is for this website to also serve cyclists, motorbikers, walkers, and anyone with a penchant for overnighting away from home.

In the States and Australasia the term "boondocking" is common and this appears to be roughly equivalent to my definition. Some North American websites use the term "dry camping" which seems to derive from the idea that there are limited facilities. The Spanish call the phenomenom "acampada libre" which translates directly to "free camping".

There also seem to be a couple of sub-genres including "stealth camping" and "guerilla camping". Again both of these terms seem more prevalent in North America.

If you object to my definition of wild camping, or the fact the website logo has a picture of van, and you always travel by bike/foot/kayak/sledge/roller skates etc. please feel free to email me via the Contact form as I do enjoy a good debate.

Happy camping ;-)


P.S. Aaaaaagh !!!! Just found another one - "blacktop boondocking". I quit.