Interesting Links

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UK Oriented Sites
A comprehensive resource aimed at British motorhomers. Has a camping site database ( including wild or free camping spots ). Forums are very useful. Commercial site ( charges for membership ).
A forum site aimed at British motorhomers. No membership fee, but carries advertising.
A site advocating the relaxation of legislation against wild camping in the UK.
A site directing motorhomers to places where official statements have been obtained indicating motorhome parking is legal and acceptable.
A forum aimed at UK wild campers. Reasonably active and plenty of useful info.

European Websites
A wonderful database of wild camping spots throughout Spain ( with a few in Portugal and France ). In Spanish only.
The website for the Plataforma Autocaravanas Autónoma ( which roughly translates as The Platform for Independent Motorhomers ). This is an advocacy group whose aims include improving the image of motorhomers in Spain and defending and lobbying for their rights.

Overlanding Related Websites
A English speaking subset of a French club which specialises in overlanding by motorhome to many exotic destinations including, most famously, China. These guys actually do it !
Comprehensive site dedicated to overlanding in Southern Africa.
A great community site dedicated to the joys of overlanding.

A forum dedicated to hiking/walking/tramping.

Motorcycle Travel
A longstanding and comprehensive resource for the adventurous on 2 ( motorised ) wheels.

Vehicle Related
The Self Build Motor Caravanners Club is a UK based club with members from around Europe whose goal is to share experience of building some, or all, of your own motorhome.

GPS/SatNav stuff
A page with widgets to convert between all popular latitude/longitude formats ( the World of Wild Camping website site requires decimal notation when contributing a camping spot ).
GPS waypoints relating to a trip by the Silkroute Club's pan-American trip in 2006/7.

Travellers Personal Websites and Blogs
An intelligent, regularly updated, and informative site from 2 overlanders who have been on the road in North and South America for 3 years.