Your fantasy travelling vehicle

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Hello campers,

I've always had a strange obsession with overland expedition vehicles. You know the kind of thing - big old Unimogs or Bedford MJ trucks. Fortunately sense and limited finances have always prevailed and I have never upgraded from a Defender 110 and a 4x4 camper. However this doesn't stop me dreaming.

Just seem the Action Mobil Globecruiser :

It's a snip at €490.000. Anyone seem anything better ?



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Unimog for sale


Here is a Unimog overland truck that has just come up on Ebay :

Looks like a bit of an antique to me, but I'm no vehicle expert.

What do you think ?


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Another expedition truck for sale

Have a look at Its a Leyland-Daf thats just appeared on ebay.



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Vehicle fetishism

In my humble opinion the people who obsess too much about their mode of transport are often missing the point. The journey is the important thing.

I have an old VW splitscreen camper which constantly breaks down and won't safely exceed about 50mph. I wouldn't swap her for anything !!!!!

Happy camping,

Wild Bill

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Fill your

Fill your boots!

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My fantasy camper would be more for on road

My fantasy camper would be more for on the road, as that is where I and most people use their vehicles, something fun on an A road but small enough in town or car parks.

Maybe an Audi A6 or BMW M5 estate giving supercar performance, with; fully blacked out windows, rear seats out and a rock'n'roll or '/\__' shape bed on coasters, commision a fibre glass expert to remove the rear door trims and make a bespoke sink on one side and cooker on the other with a tiny cupboard underneath, extractor fan over the cooker, tiny fridge in the centre console or passanger footwell, behind the rear wheel arch there would be wardrobe space made from cargo netting. Cost £70-80k

However I would prefer something more modest looking and less attractive to theives (as a driver I have too much time spare to think about this) if money was no object and I lived in fantasy land, I would go for a Land Rover Defender 110 van (with 6" rasied roof / 2'6" for the rear 3') with a Range Rover turbo engine and air suspension (height adjustable and self leveling on corners) and all other mechanics and dashboard from the Range Rover, giving the ideal performance, ride and internal space within a reasonable outside dimension. I would go for a Bambi layout:- two single beds behind the front seats with storage underneath, that convert into a king sized bed, and at the far rear a two ring cooker on one side and sink drainer on the otherside (but I would add a shower between) with a raised roof above just the rear, keeping the center of gravity down. All the utilities would be below the floor and above the propshaft. Extra sound insultation between the engine and cab, underfloor heating from the excess engine heat, swivel front seats, just enough blacked out windows on the nearside to improve driving. Cost 1xDefender + 1xRange Rover + £30k for coversion = £100k

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My fantasty camper just became reality

Ok Ok so it isn't much but PenY is MINE and I can sort her out pretty much as I go along.
She's a 2003 Ford Transit Connect 220 longwheelbase and I love her already. Only done a few naps and one proper night in her so far but lots more planned for this summer.

My requirements were:-
cheap, small, sleepable, liveable, driveable, discreet, canoe friendly, potential

cheap................. she cost under K£2 and I'm paying in installments
small................. I drive her anywhere I would take a normal car and park in normal parking spaces around town.
big enough to sleep in.... I can fit a cut down US army medical stretcher in the back
liveable.......... there is a small set of shelves left by the last owner and room for my clobber
driveable......... I can drive her comfortably as she's no bigger than a large car
discreet......... I want to be able to stealth park and being plain dark blue I can tuck her in a carpark or residential street and not look out of place. I can also tuck her into a sheltered nook in the countryside and as she's small (for a camper) and dark blue I don't stand out.
canoe friendly..... there's a roofrack with a roller bar at the back
potential.......... I have plans for a roofrack tent for warm summer nights or to hold clobber when I stop on longer trips.

When I learn how to put up a pic I'll add them here.

Hope everyone else is having fun getting out this year.

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I could use a camper like

I could use a camper like yours on my trip to orlandos theme park! I plan to enjoy the road trip as well, not just the destination and camping throughout the country seems the best way to do it. Does any of you know any great camping spots in Florida?

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There are some important

There are some important guidelines though in buying or renting recreational vehicles. You have to take into consideration the size of the RV that you want. Why? Large sized RV's are perfect for those families who are large.

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