Wild Camping in Morocco ?

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Has anyone done this ? Is it safe/acceptable ? I would welcome any suggestions for spots.



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Yes, wild camping is quite

Yes, wild camping is quite possible in Morocco although campsites and 'guarded parking' are so cheap it hardly seems worth it :)

It is most difficult along the Atlantic coast north of Agadir, the old days of hundreds of motorhomes parked along the beach have long gone, and anyone trying to park overnight is likely to be moved on by the local police.

Once south of Agadir, and also inland, it's much easier.

Morocco is generally pretty safe providing you take normal precautions. The only problems we've heard about recently are a few break-ins to vans parked at the old (closed) campsite at Taghazout.

As far as recommendations go, the best thing is to ask other travellers you meet for their suggestions, there is a comprehensive guide (in French) to campsites in Morocco which also lists some wild camping locations, see: http://www.lemarocencampingcar.com/

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Spent about 20 days wild

Spent about 20 days wild camping in Morocco about 10 years ago. Had a great time. The only reason to feel threatened is if you are unnerved by the willingness of the locals to stand and stare as you set up camp/eat/drink/read/wash/etc. etc. The Muslim culture dictates hospitality towards strangers and you will find that you receieve more invitations to tea than your bladder can stand.

Not sure where to find details of free camping spots, but hopefully on this site in a month or 2.



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New book on overlanding in Morocco


Just seen that Chris Scott has published another guide to Morocco called "Morocco Overland: From the Atlas to the Sahara - 4wd, Motorcycle, Van, Mountain Bike".

Find out more on Amazon at :


I have a couple of his other books already and they are well worth the money so I'll definitely be buying it for one !



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Free camping at the Source Bleu de Meski

Hi, I´ve been free camping in Morocco for the past 10 years. As said, there is no problem but nosy people.
Does anyone know if you can free camp at the Blue Meski? There is a campsite but the people keep on coming to you to try and sell things.

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safe to wildcamp in morocco

in a nutshell yes,take normal precautions,don't invite locals into your van ,you'll never get rid of 'em ,but in general they are very friendly people,yes, they will always try and sell you something e.g fresh fish,strawberries
nuts.hand made colourful blankets.throws,bread etc.etc. but they are no problem and will go away if you are REALL
FIRM with them they will also try and beg clothes,shoes,etc. but you must remember,these poor people have very little
or nothing,so take old clothes with they will be very grateful,you can park up just about anywhere and living is very
cheap deisel 65p a litre (winter 2011)alcohol expensive,buy it in algeciras before you go over.hope this helps you.

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safe to wildcamp in morocco

I think it safe.. coz' Moroccos council won't allow anyone to camp there if it's dangerous..