Wild camping around Flitton in Bedfordshire

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Hi All,
I'm looking to get away for a couple of days and am looking for somewhere to camp overnight where I can get a fire going and chill out without being bothered by anyone. Does anyone know of a place to camp around the fliton , Bedfordshire area. Really Im looking for a 2 day walk that has somewhere good to pitch a tent for the night inbetween. If anyones know of a good trail or camping spot it would be much appreciated.


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wild camping in bedford

hi mark,

did you find any suitable place to camp wild in bedford? i too am looking for an area thats remote and can get a fire going, to introduce my partners younger brother to the world of camping and cooking on an open fire. unfortunately i dont know the area well, any advice?


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bedford camp

Hi did you find a place. I know such places are like rocking horse sh*t to find but if you did can you share it. If not i usually. Take a walk along the canals or rivers there is always a spot Just outside the town boundries you can start acampfire without any hassle. Just explore first then bring ur kit afterwards. Unless your like me and carry everything you need in one bag. Good luck.

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There are woods all over the place just passed clophill

You have maulden woods, Pedly Woods, Chicksands and Rowney Woods just to mention a few.

Also you can ask the farmers and throw them a fiver

Trouble with Bedfordshire is that its populated so never too far away from people

Sharpenhoe clappers is another good place


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wildcamping in camping.

Does anyone know what the situation is with wildcamping at Tagazhoute
Beach this winter (2012/2013)camped there quite a bit last winter(2011)
and previous 3 winters but have heard nothing so far for the coming winter.

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I know some places near

I know some places near Henlow and Pavenham town. If you are comfortable with it then I will tell you.

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