How to find GPS coordinates for a location using Google Maps

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The following simple steps will usually allow you to identify the exact latitude and longitude coordinates for a specific location using Google Map satellite images - obviously a wild camping site in the case of this site. The ability to identify a site is somewhat dependent on the quality of Googles satellite imaging which varies from country to country and region to region.

1> Open your browser and go to Allow several seconds for the page to fully load as sometimes the controls only appear after a pause in which time you are likely to think they've been misplaced in the ether.

2> Click on the "Map" button to ensure that you are using this view ( it's much easier to navigate the world with a map rather than a satellite image at this stage of the process ).

3> Using the zoom control and the ability to drag and re-position the map window locate the approximate area you are looking for.

4> Click on the "Satellite" button to convert the view to satellite imaging.

5> Using known local landmarks visually pinpoint the wild camping site. Move the cursor over the location and click the right mouse button. Select the option "Center map here". This will re-centre the map on your camping spot.

6> Click on the "Link" link at the top right of the map. You will see a textbox with a link in something like this :,-95.677068&spn=0.028355,0.054...

7> The latitude and longitude coordinates are the two decimal numbers following the &ll. In this case a latitude of 37.0625 and a longitude of 0.028355.

That's all there is to it.



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Further explanation

I've been playing a bit more with Google maps and it seems that if you search for a place using the search box ( for instance Dallas, Texas ) the resulting link has a more complex construction e.g.,texas...

( note : you have to hover over the link to see the full text )

This is more confusing and I don't understand what the variety of co-ords are for. However the relevant coordinates for this site are still the ones following the string "ie=UTF8&ll=". Presumably the "ll" stands for latitude/longitude.

Hope this helps and if anyone can elucidate further the format of the link I'd be interested.



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GPS coordinates

A very easy site to locate coordinates is
It uses Googlemaps but is easier to locate and conversion to other coordinate systems.

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Try this one,

Try this one,, more easy, just type the address or point in the map to find the coordinates.