Hitch-Hiking. Is it safe?

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I would love to hitch hike all around the world but with all the horror stories you hear it seems to me that most people would be scared to pick up a hitch hiker.
Have you ever hitch hiked? Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker?
If you have hitch hiked, how far did your ride get you?
Do you have any advice for people planning on hitch hiking?
Basicly i would like to start a general discussion about hitch hiking. Who is with me?

Toby Clark

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Toby I am by no means a


I am by no means a veteran hitchhiker. However I do have an opinion ! Crossing the road is considered a dangerous activity by some people, however the risks are actually negligible if you aren't an idiot. Hitchhiking is the same. Use some basic precautions ( I won't even bother to detail them here they are soooo obvious ) and 99.9999% of the time you'll be fine. The problem is that the media are so keen to play into our "horror movie" perceptions that IF anything happens to a hitchhiker it gets front page status.

I say go for it.


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Throw it to the wind. I have hitch hiked a few times both drunk and sober. Use your common sence and instincts. But never let your fear deter you take a hiking buddy with you to make it safer.be cheeky and tell them exactly ware u want to go remember a few miles is Only acouple of minutes to them but half án hour or more ön foot. Always smile be friendly make it a good experance for you both. You never know they may see u ön the road again. Good luck and meek the faith.

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Look Sober

I am always the driver in this relationship. Bushmanron is right - be cheeky and tell them where your going, I have gone out of my way to drop people at their door. I won't pick up anyone after 10pm or if they look drunk - I've gotten stuck listening to too many people rambling about their problems. Statistically your less likely to be picked up in the rain, as people do not want to get their seats wet. It would help if you look clean, especially shoes, and have little luggage. Choose a spot where drivers can get a good look at you before deciding to stop and somewhere they can pull over.


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I think hich-hiking can be

I think hich-hiking can be pretty safe as long as your treat the driver picking you up with respect. Just don't do anything you wouldn't like being done to you and you should be fine. I've had a great hitch-hiking experience last summer, although it can get really exhausting, this summer I plan to go for a Hawaiian vacation, I could use a few relaxing days!